By: KANE On: June 27, 2018 In: Article, Journal Comments: 0

By Francesca Marchina

On Saturday 23rd of June our optimistic boat made by recycled plastic bottles entered in the sea. To be honest we were kind of worried: will it work? I mean, it will float nicely on the sea, or it will just sink in front of the eyes of all the audience? Minutes of silence and waiting and then… Miracle! It didn’t sink and all of us have breathed a sigh of relief. The young captain Dino sailed our Piratikí with elegance and mastery. It was such a nice moment: the sunset, the blue sea and the boat Piratikí  moving left and right on the bay.

We have to say that this boat is definitely a Pirate boat that has already fought a big struggle during the construction phase. It has been built during two intense weeks of work, mistakes and experimentations! We were learning by doing or better to say learning by mistaking, and it couldn’t be otherwise for a crazy project based on an innovative and experimental technology. The Piratikí’ imperfections are the result of this hard work and these scars make the boat even more beautiful.

Furthermore, this name is in line with the boat called Plastiki, a revolutionary catamaran built by 12,500 plastic bottles and designed to draw attention to our systematic pollution and over-fishing of oceans. With our little boat we also want to raise awareness about the importance to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives.

We really hope Piratikí will continue to sail into the sea together with children and that other recycled plastic optimistic boats will join it in the sailing.

Stand by to board! Aaaaaar!