K.A.NE. Social Youth Development

KANE in Greek language means do or make!

We do national and international youth work. We aim to offer opportunities of personal and social development to local youth through socio-educational activities and non formal education. Our main target is to create independent youth structures as well as to achieve the recognition of youth work in Greece.

Social Youth Development, KANE, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata, Greece. Our main target group is young people aged 15-30, youth workers, youth leaders, mentors and trainers. However we are also working with all the local community.

Our vision is to foster youth motivation in order to take initiatives and become more active citizens. Our mission is to provide educational and training opportunities for youth and people that work in the youth field. We also aim at fighting discrimination, fostering intercultural and social development, and promoting social inclusion and equality, particularly for young people. At organizational level, we promote cooperation among local, regional and international organizations and public bodies.

The specific goals of our organization are divided into 3 categories:


  • Support youth in the local community (Personal and social development, effective integration into the economic and social community)
  • Create Youth Structures (youth centres, community centres, festivals, other)
  • Promote non-formal learning in the youth field
  • Promote active citizenship at local and European level, encourage intercultural cooperation and the fight against discrimination
  • Recognition of the profession of youth worker in Greece

2.Local community

  • Promote the idea of volunteerism
  • Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in education
  • Create a network of local organizations or groups specialized in social work
  • Take action in order to promote innovation and culture in Messinia region


  • Capacity building and ongoing staff training
  • Achieving operational sustainability
  • Continuous improvement of quality assurance and enhancement programs nationwide and European
  • Continuous development of new partnerships and creation of a European network

Following the principles of “Education for Sustainable Development”, the organisation’s activities focus on the implementation of European programs for youth, seminars and the organization of educational, cultural and environmental activities, international training courses, conferences, mobility projects, voluntary projects and professional and personal support for youth and adults. Through its activities, the organization has established stable and successful partnerships with organizations and public bodies both locally and internationally.

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R.A.D.I.Kal.A., Recycling Awareness Design Innovation Kalamata Association

R.A.D.I.Kal.A. is aiming to raise awareness about environment and health through involving citizens in waste recycling combined with physical activity as the core idea of the association that is formally registered in Stockholm, Sweden under the non-profit NGO-number 802509-5384 and based in Kalamata, Greece.

We believe that it is possible to combine the two major health problems, namely pollution and insufficient physical activity can be dealt with through Active Recycling. We also believe that Innovative Design of recycling methods not only takes recycling to a higher level, it also makes environmental projects more attractive for the younger generations.

Further, we believe that raising awareness about health and environment among school children is the most efficient in the long-term. For this purpose we have adapted a pedagogical approach to be applied to our projects.

Innovative design for awareness raising and combining recycling with physical activity and citizen participation is the main guideline in our projects.

We believe that the circle of collecting-recycling of plastic waste should end on a higher level than where it started. The end product of recycling disposable waste should be upcycled into a non-disposable product. The whole process must be designed to add to citizens awareness about environmental pollution and physical inactivity. Further, the upcycled product should clearly promote environment, health, and physical activity, meaning Radikala will withstand to design of articles which might encourage pollution or unhealthy consumption or behavior.

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Bougas Private Schools

At Bougas Private Schools we aspire that the citizen of the future will endorse the dream of a better world by properly combining the possibilities of modern technology and the values ​​of humanity. Within this context,our philosophy in the Primary School of Bougas Private Schools aims at:

– Acquiring knowledge to provide the child with a stable future in today’s competitive world;

– Creative and active learning through research and observation. Our goal is to have active and critically-minded students;

– Developing talents and skills through personalized teaching;

– Linking school experience and knowledge to modern reality so that knowledge is useful and beneficial;

– The active engagement of students and providing up-to-date information around local and global data;

– Cultivating language skills and all forms of communication;

– Cultivating human sensitivities and values;

– Promoting active citizenship through group activities and educational programs.

In order to achieve these objectives in Bougas Private Schools, our educational staff consists of specialists that are being continuously and systematically trained attending seminars and training sessions.

Our desire at Bougas Private Schools is that the educational process is a pleasant, liberating and creative experience for the pupil that will lead him to the formation of all-round developed personality.

Our school has adopted a Quality Management System according to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 and the HACCP requirements as defined in the ELOT 1416 standard.

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Nautical Club of Kalamata (NOK)

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Messinian Boats

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MUNDUS Association – Spain

The MUNDUS association is a non-profit organization established in 2013 with offices in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) and Zaragoza.

Our main task is managing international training and mobility projects – internships, volunteering, youth exchanges, training courses – for youth and for youth workers. We aim at promoting educational values, intercultural learning, or volunteering through non-formal education.

The mission of MUNDUS is to help young people prepare to face the challenges of life in this active and changing world through participating in new international experience.

We count on our experience of having sent more than 400 volunteers/EVS (European Voluntary Service) and a further 500 participants for youth exchanges and trainings courses abroad.

Another one of our strengths is international mobility for vocational training centers. Every year we send abroad an average of 200 students to complete an internship in a country of the European Union. At the same time, we host a around 500 students in Spain every year, in all professional fields. We work with a network of companies in Aragon and Catalonia, which are committed to supporting practical learning of young Europeans.

We also engage with the local community, where we organize different activities and events to raise awareness of the benefits of international mobility programs and cultural exchange through non-formal education.

The people who form the MUNDUS team have gone from being participants in mobility projects and volunteering to organizers and trainers of these type of opportunities for other young people, motivated by their own experience.

Throughout our history, we have organized and participated in various projects of international mobility programs such as Youth in Action, Erasmus +, Europe for Citizens, European Social Fund – Youth Guarantee, or PON, among others.

We believe that education in values and social dialogue need international mobility as a tool to build an inclusive, egalitarian, and intercultural society. MUNDUS aims to be a small but powerful engine pushing in this direction.

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VIA e.V. – Germany

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YouNet – Italy

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Mais Cidadania Association – Portugal

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Brocēnu novada jauniešu centrs KOPĀ – Latvia

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Administration for allocation of Social Welfare – Sweden

The Administration for Allocation of Social Welfare offers the people of Gothenburg a wide and varied range of social services. We are a source of support to the City District Committees, which bear ultimate responsibility for the people who live in their areas. We work with substance abuse, homelessness, vulnerable children and families, youth at risk, European voluntary service for youth at risk, people with functional impairments, newly arrived refugees, social development and a great deal besides. We support the City District Committees in social welfare matters by; offering services that are specialized and unique, offering services that are available to the whole city and not just those who live in a particular area, performing specific tasks that cover the whole city, offering different forms of training and consultation to professionals within the city authority and collaborating organizations, contributing to a socially sustainable city.

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