By: KANE On: June 18, 2018 In: interview Comments: 0

by Joeline Richter, German

Hello Nantiana, please tell me something about yourself, your role and responsibility in this project?
“My name is Nantiana. I am a coordinator of the D.R.E.A.M project and I’m working for KANE the last month. I am actually really happy they gave me the chance to be part in this project. In the past I have coordinated other projects, but nothing similar to this one”

Why did you join this project?
“Because it’s a very innovative project. I think, that you can learn a lot from this project, not only the volunteers also us coordinators, the organisation – Everyone! I enjoy the educational process for everyone.”

What are your expectations for the second week, which starts today?
“I hope, that everyone stays motivated and happy about this project, as they are. And of course my expectations are that we will reach our goal to finish two boats by the end of this week!”

What do you like most and what less about this project?
“There is nothing I like the least about this project. I like a lot about it, that there are unexpected things, that can happen and challenges for everyone.”

How would you describe the group of volunteers?
“Day by day the group building gets better and better. The volunteers enjoy working together.”