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by Alba Ruiz, Spain

Joeline Richter. Germany

  • How are you feeling working for this project?

I feel very happy about the work environment with all of you, guys and it’s very fun. It’s also a little bit exhausting to work in the heat with the sun, but at the same time I think it’s a great project that involves everyone and one can be part of it and if you are not so good at one thing you can do another thing and that’s pretty cool.

  • So, does it fit your expectations?

Mmm… honestly, no. First of all, I expected that we’ll do something with kids together like built boats with the kids or teach them how to do it and we don’t work with kids at all. On the other hand I also thought that we would shred the plastic by bikes and we don’t do this and we don’t recycle used bottles but we recycle new bottles that come from a factory so it’s not what I expected.

  • How do you feel working with people of 7 different countries? Had you ever experienced something like this before?

Not something similar but when I was in the U.S. I had classes with many people fromm different countries but you can’t compare it to this because now we are living together in one house, we share rooms, the kitchen and everything and also in our free time we go together and have fun together. Also when we work I think it’s a good teamwork with you and everyone is included, no one is excluded from the group and I like it very  much.

  • Now talk about Greece in general, it’s very different to your country, but what do you like the most about living here?

The food. I like the food: pita and gyros. Also I like the weather, not today because it’s raining, but the other days and that you can be easily at the beach and enjoy everything and it’s a little bit more chilled because in Germany everything is so strict, so you can chill a little bit and relax.

  • And what gets you on your nerves about this country?

I think that sometimes it’s too relaxed and that’s why they are not punctual and not organized and everything is a bit chaotic…

  • The last one… Are you happy today?

Yes! Because you are interviewing me and that makes me happy!