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by Alba Ruiz, Spain

Here in Greece I don’t measure time as days that are left.

10 gyros and 15 “Alfa” beers later…

Here in Greece it sometimes feels like Spain. The weather is fine and the streets full of joy. Summer was waiting for me when arrived.

Far from home, there’s so much to tell them and very few time.

Here in Greece it is nothing but different, and everything but boring. One night we can walk over the sea by a wall coming from the pier, so when we open our eyes there’s nothing in the horizon but lights and dark sea. I just feel the water hitting the rocks and the voices coming from the beach; people having a good Thursday night while they laugh out loud.

Here in Greece we can go on a day trip caravanning with an English couple in their seventies and their three rescued dogs. Then we can reach a wild beach driven by someone in his open van. Eight of us sitting there and I can only see happy faces. Just take some photos, freeze this moment, it feels like unique. You’ll remember.

Here in Greece it’s bluer than anywhere I’ve never been. It feels like colors are painting our experience so bright that we’ll never forget about it.

Here in Greece we can go for a walk any day at any time, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Monday or Thursday. Not a matter of time. Life goes slowly and people sing every night at taverns below our balcony; musical dreams.

Here in Greece it smells like sweet, it sounds like joy, it rains for a while because sun is always waiting to get out. Here in Greece we live outside, we climb rocks in order to get the best sights, we listen to Spanish music and learn to build plastic boats. We don’t care about the traffic, we make thousands of sandwiches and wake up early in the morning. It’s not a problem, just sleepy faces for a while trying to smile at the others.

How will it be today? It’s time to know about it, so, as we say every morning at home here in Greece: “Kaliméra”, “Good morning”, “Buenos días”, “Guten morgen”, “Bom dia” and “Buongiorno”.