By: KANE On: June 27, 2018 In: Article, Journal Comments: 0

Building sailing boats from plastic bottles, what a crazy idea!
It’s probably caused by drinking too much beer,
But if we think about all the plastic pollution,
There has to be somehow a solution!

So why not trying to make that DREAM come true,
Together with volunteers, KANE and the whole crew.
Learning by doing that’s how we grew,
Even if sometimes we had no clue.

Volunteers from Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain;
Arrived at the beginning of June by plane,
We used looms, different tools, our hands, and our brain
Nothing could stop us, not even the rain.

Living for one month in Kalamata, Greece
The atmosphere in our hostel was not always peace
Our accommodation was not really a masterpiece,
but we enjoyed eating pita and the beach.

Shredding plastic bottles, using polyester and making nets,
Made mistakes, but had no regrets.
Traveled to new places and overcame some threats,
What an amazing experience that no one forgets.

Seeing our first boat floating and sailing away,
what a great reward for working every day!
Basically our project is almost over and the results are okay,
It’s soon time to go back home, we’re on our way.

By Joeline Richter