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by Ivan Doer, Latvia

Tuesday, 12th of June

The day began with Mina and Afrodite enjoying an instant coffee while volunteers where preparing for their work in wearhouse.

Couple of selfies in bus created the positive mood for team increasing motivation for work. By arrival everyone were divided in groups and the work has started.

Kalamata welcomed us with 25 celsium degrees by 10am. The sun was about to start burning. But it didn’t made a block for the team. Putting hats on and applying a sun cream, the process went on without thinking of weather condition. Just for note – the cooled water is always with us, for everyone is mentally and physically ready.

This day we had special guests, who came to provide us with technical information what we need in order to put a layers of polyester and the other material, and also to inform us about safety concerning the chemicals. Also they spoke about the way how to do the whole thing.

But who are they? Both of them, father and son, who got a company “Messinian Boats”. The father, Panagiotis Tsolkas, is one of the best boat makers in Greece. His son, Antonios, now is continuening bussiness of his father. They’re not about to help in creating boats as lot as to consult everyone about doing this job.

During the Tsolkas family introduction, we went basically through all stages of creating Optimist sailing boats.

Wanted to mention, that our video team did a great job by picturizing every frame of working process. Everyone works together putting an equal contribution in boat making what say about teams spirit. The spirit product of which will enter the sea on June 23rd.

After lunch break everyone went back to their duties that slowly ended up at 3pm with a huge work being done.