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In this article, we will explain the tasks each group has been doing everyday, which allowed for us to build a plastic boat.

Cords team

Which materials ¬†are we using to build our boats? Plastic bottles with defects, that couldn’t enter the market to be sold. And incredibly, there are lots of them!

Plastic bottles with defects

Plastic bottles with defects

The first thing to do is to cut the bottoms of the best bottles, which makes them fit into the manual stringing machine.

The following video shows how the cords are then made (Marco is a really good worker), a simple and efficient procedure with a blade that cuts the entire bottle.

Net team

With 2 looms, this group is making nets with the plastic cords that come from the previous team. First, each loom has to be prepared with fixed horizontal cords layered in two levels. Then, the vertical cords are fixed between the two levels of horizontal cords. All stages of this part of the work are documented in the next videos.

Two levels of horizontal cords

...And the plastic net becomes a sheet

…And the plastic net becomes a sheet


Polyester team

The plastic net is cut by the size of the mold, and then mixed with polyester liquid, so that it forms a layer to use on the boat. The fiber glass is added and glued with the liquid polyester and pressed with a piece of plywood to remove air bubbles.


And after everything dries…


And actually, our boat works!! Congrats, team!!

By Ines Sarti Pascoal (Portugal) and Anamarija Pinter (Croatia)