By: KANE On: June 14, 2018 In: Volunteer diary Comments: 0

by Sabine Osina, Latvia 

I am there, in my friends apartment in Riga, Latvia, ready to go to the airport. It is 4.04 am, I have slept maybe for 3 hours, it is not enough for me. I am also a little bit worried, in hope that everything is going to be okay.

I am at the Riga airport. I will have two flights. One flight is at 6.00 am from Riga to Kiev (Ukraine) and another one is from Kiev to Athens (Greece).

Both of the flights were without problems. I am at the Athens airport, now it is 2.10pm and I need to search for the bus X93 to the Kifissos bus station. Oh, yeah! There it is! I am buying a ticket and going to the bus.

It is really hot in the bus, someone is sleeping here, I am wearing glasses, because the sun shines directly into my face. The view of the Athens from the bus is not the best. This city is looking dirty for me, but I know that I have not been in the city center, maybe it is amazing, but maybe it is not so worth to see it?

It took like 1h 30 min to the Kifissos bus station. At the first sight it was not looking like a bus station, but it was the last stop, so It is the station. I want to buy a bus ticket to the Kalamata and I also want to eat something. I went inside the station, I bought a ticket to the Kalamata, now I am sitting in the cafeteria and eating a delicious sandwich. There is one woman, she is offering me tissues, I do not really need them, so I say no to her. I am going out of the cafeteria to see what is outside. There are some small shops, I bought a small magnet.

There is my bus to the Kalamata!

I get in, these are the last 3 hours of my trip. My phone has got very low battery level, so I can only listen to the music.

I am already sitting in the bus for 2 hours, I fell pain in my back, I want to walk or do some exercises, I do not like to sit at all.

I am near the Kalamata, I see the sea, I am here! I have arrived. Now it is 8pm, it was 16 hours of travelling. It was not easy at all, but I do not feel tired, maybe I am just too excited.

It was a long day, I should say goodbye my friends! See you later!