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Chloe: You are doing an internship here, not volunteering work, what is the difference and what are your tasks?  Duc: I am doing the same work as the volunteers and I will work my whole duration with KANE and will be involved in every project. One difference is that I have to cover all of the expenses on my own and that my sending organisation is my university – University of New Brunswick, and this is served as a course of my university that I have to complete in order to graduate.

C.: Why did you decide for KANE?                                                                                                                                                  D.: I decided for KANE because of its purposes such as youth development, civic engagement, and social inclusion. It captured my interest and I wanted and still want to change something and do something for the environment.

C.: What were your expectations?                                                                                                                                                    D.: I expected that I will do some work which really matters and that the work genuinely relates to its objectives. And I expected to work in a team, with all gender and all nationalities. The organisation is really advocating for the purpose they stated and they are focused on it.

C.: Is there something that annoys you or what you would like to change?                                                                           D.: I would not change anything, I could just voice my opinion. But nevertheless everything depends on many factors and elements that we can not control and they serve as experiences for our future events and projects. The only thing which annoys me is the unexpected during the project.